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About Us

RockFish Church Preschool

Where children’s lives are transformed by the power of God’s Love!!!

Why Choose Us?

High Quality, Faith-Based Environment

RockFish Church Preschool will be using a robust academic curriculum, encouraging child-led, inquiry-based learning to develop academic skills within the context of authentic and meaningful play, with a focus on Christian values. Teachers will work with your child to develop your child spiritually, emotionally, socially and mentally.

Faith Based Learning

Learning about Jesus through: everyday application; scripture memorization; biblical conversations; bible stories.

Art & Creativity

Children are provided mini opportunities for self-expression through a variety of artistic methods.

Structured Play

A combination of free play and guided play within the classroom is incorporated in the daily routine.

Building Strong Relationship

We place a high value on developing relationships with not only the child but all those within the family structure.


Parent Testimonial

Read what parents are saying about RockFish Church Preschool…

I absolutely love this school and especially the teachers, Ms. Sam and Ms. Stephanie! My best friend is an Occupational Therapist and a lot their work is super similar to helping the kids develop and empower them. I love how perfect the size of the classrooms are because they are able to really sow into them with a lot of one-on-one activities. My three-year-old daughter was able to learn to spell her name and even write her name! I can go on and on about them but they are truly amazing, and I see growth in my daughter’s development!

    Sarah M.

    RockFish Preschool has been wonderful for my son! He enjoys showing up everyday and has learned so much! We are constantly amazed with the things he tells us he is learning., especially how his face lights up when he remembers a verse in the Bible they are learning! We’ve loved it so much that we switched from part-time to full time half way through the year. My son will also be attending next year to fully be prepared for Kindergarten and we have confidence in the program and the outstanding teachers to get him where he needs to be!

      Paige B.

      Our Teachers

      Experienced Teachers

      Our teachers have come to us with a mixture of education, prior working experience and a love and passion for children.

      Robin Macanas

      Director RFCP

      Amber Zirkle

      Pre-K4 Lead Teacher

      Kori Cummings

      Pre-K4 Lead Teacher

      Samantha Fincher

      Pre-K4 Lead Teacher

      Morgan McVickers

      Pre-K4 Lead Teacher

      Stephanie Whitaker

      Pre-K3 Lead Teacher