About Us

RockFish Church Preschool

Where children’s lives are transformed by the power of God’s Love!!!

Why Choose Us?

High Quality, Faith-Based Environment

RockFish Church Preschool will be using a robust academic curriculum, encouraging child-led, inquiry-based learning to develop academic skills within the context of authentic and meaningful play, with a focus on Christian values. Teachers will work with your child to develop your child spiritually, emotionally, socially and mentally.

Faith Based Learning

Learning about Jesus through: everyday application; scripture memorization; biblical conversations; bible stories.

Art & Creativity

Children are provided mini opportunities for self-expression through a variety of artistic methods.

Structured Play

A combination of free play and guided play within the classroom is incorporated in the daily routine.

Building Strong Relationship

We place a high value on developing relationships with not only the child but all those within the family structure.


Parent Testimonial

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Our Teachers

Experienced Teachers

Our teachers have come to us with a mixture of education, prior working experience and a love and passion for children.